Calm & Happy Leadership:
Leading Effectively With Zen-like Peace of Mind

Take your company from stress to success by working less and living more.

A shocking majority of entrepreneurs believe that success is a byproduct of hard work.

Researchers, however, refute this belief and have long since discovered that hard work not only contributes to an increase in bodily stress and illness…

…it actually harms success in the long run.

“Productivity declines sharply after a person works more than 50 hours a week and drops to near zero-productivity at 55 hours… those that work 70 hours or more get no more done from those that work 55 hours.” 

– John Pencavel, Stanford economics professor

The days of hustle culture are coming to an end.

More and more business owners are surprised to realize they’re actually sabotaging themselves by pushing themselves to their limits.

What’s most surprising is how many of them realize how much more productive they are once they start working less… 

…and living more.

“Optimize your workflow, you don’t need to work 12 or 14 hours a day… you can be efficient and look out for people as well. That way you’re going to have a much better life and much better output for your clients.” 

– Pamela Wagner, MSNBC interview

Due to currently fully focusing on our existing clients, there are no open slots. However, get on the waitlist to get notified first when new spots open up:

What You’ll Discover From Calm & Happy Leadership:

Emotional Regulation: What is emotional regulation? Why is it especially important for leaders and entrepreneurs? How can you use specific & low effort techniques to alleviate a busy schedule?

Calm Is The New Hustle: The latest studies on how performing under calmness takes you 3x further than performing under stress.

Healing Through Time Off: The drastic effects negative stress has on your health and how to reverse them quickly.

Going With Your Gut: How to make difficult decisions with ease and ensure they end up as the right decisions.

Actually Stop Working: When your mind tries to take over and tell you that you should do ‘just that one more thing’ or feel guilty when not doing anything for a few hours. Get to know simple exercises and action steps you can take to finally incorporate theoretical knowledge into daily practice.

What they say is true: the mind and body are one.

Like our bodies, our minds also need rest in order to grow stronger and smarter. 

By taking better care of yourself, you’ll be in a much better position to take better care of your clients and team.

The best part is you’ll be using the exact strategies needed to allow you to take time off without any guilt on your conscience…

… to be just as productive as someone who’s working 50+ hours a week… and have everybody around you wonder: how the hell did he or she do that and still got so much energy? 

Your Instructor,
Pamela Wagner

A world traveler with ‘An Incurable Case of Adventure Seeking Syndrome’, Pamela has visited over 95 countries and has been immersed in the diverse cultures found all around the world. From hosting workshops on a ship across the Atlantic ocean to coaching individuals in the USA, Pakistan, Uganda, Singapore, and more, Pamela is a living example of what a fulfilling and adventurous lifestyle looks like.

Her achievements include being honored on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, holding a Master’s in Psychology from Harvard, and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa at 19,341 ft with only 3 weeks of preparation.

Against all odds that should have left her depressed, traumatized, and feeling like a failure, Pamela overcame her childhood trauma and learned the secrets to transforming a person’s deepest pain into their biggest power.

Through her passion for helping others and her vow of being authentic to oneself, Pamela has inspired many of her clientele to step into their own power and live a life on their own terms.

What Past Attendees Say

“Something traumatic happened to me and I was at the lowest point of my life, suffering from depression, insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks. My goal was to overcome these challenges and rebuild my confidence.

After working with Pamela I am now more patient with myself and am better in respecting my own boundaries and protecting my peace. Having a deeper connection with myself means I am now able to walk away from things & people that disturb my peace, allowing me to live a more balanced lifestyle. Thank you for your support Pamela!” – Dominica

Each workshop is held in person for a personal immersive experience, with seats being limited to a first come first serve basis.

During the workshop, Pamela will share with you her 10+ years of experience helping hundreds of people from all around the world
understand themselves better and with that supercharge their performance and life.

You’ll discover why working longer hours doesn’t make you more productive and in reality only hurts your chances of success in the long run.

And, you’ll recognize how a science-based approach to hustling less and living more…

Will help you to feel your way into making the right decisions designed to propel business growth and efficiency.

Due to currently fully focusing on our existing clients, there are no open slots. However, get on the waitlist to get notified first when new spots open up:

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