How To Let Go Of Control & Find Trust In Life Again

Written by Pamela Wagner

Written by Pamela Wagner


..IF I get there, THEN I’ll be happy.

To think that is one of the biggest mistakes we can make.

Life doesn’t work that way.

And, science, of course, backs this up. We know for a long time that you only get happier by making more money until you’ve made about $75k/year. After that, money doesn’t impact happiness anymore.

Research has also shown that we are much more fulfilled when we enjoy the journey…the process…the PROGRESS. In fact, our brain gets happy when we progress, it provides us with dopamine.

To add to that, life is unpredictable.

The more you plan, the harder you get hit by unexpected events…someone dying, a plane being late, getting kicked out from a job, a hiree not working out, you name it.

In fact, those who are great at planning and putting things into order, are often most irritated when they’re put in a sudden unknown. Ask me how I know. 😉

So, why is that?

Fairly simple. Our brain likes control. It feels safe when we ‘know’. When there is a sudden change and a new situation we haven’t encountered yet, it feels extremely unsafe. And, it’ll do everything to put you back in that ‘know’ space. The longer we don’t ‘know’, the harder it gets…unless we surrender to the situation and to the fact that not knowing is ok.

Once you become aware that it’ll all be figured out, you’ll start finding a way. Maybe not now – but surely a lot quicker when you let go of having to ‘know’ than when you desperately try to hold on to what was or should’ve been.

Because the feeling of ‘control’ is an illusion.

Hi, I'm Pamela, the face of Hustle Less & Live More!

Hi, I'm Pamela, the face of Hustle Less & Live More!

I have trained and coached hundreds of people on personal development all over the globe – from Jamaica, the USA, to hosting workshops while being on a ship on the Atlantic ocean, all the way to Uganda, Austria, Ghana, the UAE, Pakistan, Singapore, and many more.

I am a go-getter, dream achiever, a true role model for behavior change, and I'm here to help you become the same.

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