The Power of Positive Affirmations

Written by Pamela Wagner

Written by Pamela Wagner


In recent years, there has been considerable debate surrounding the power of positive affirmations in fostering self-esteem. While some outdated studies suggest that affirmations may not have a significant impact, recent research indicates that using positive language can indeed help increase self-esteem and promote positive behavior changes.

The idea behind affirmations is to use positive self-talk to retrain the brain to think on a different level, bolstering feelings of self-worth and reducing negative self-talk. The human brain has a remarkable ability to form new neural pathways. Positive affirmations use this ability to encourage the creation of new, positive pathways that reinforce feelings of confidence and empowerment.

Further, doing positive affirmations is made effective through consistency. Experts recommend repeating positive affirmations daily, preferably in the morning or before bed. It’s also essential to connect with the affirmations on an emotional level, not just repeating them by rote. When affirmations resonate with us and feel authentic, they have a more significant impact on the brain and our thought patterns.

In a 2021 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, participants who repeated self-affirmations had higher levels of self-esteem and lower levels of stress compared to those who did not. Additionally, participants who engaged in self-affirmations were found to be more open to feedback and more willing to take on new challenges.

The point of using positive affirmations is not that you have to believe what you’re saying. Rather, it is to help shift your thinking ang provide your brain with new neuropathways. With consistent positive affirmations, you learn to think on a different level and be open to new perspectives, thus allowing you to create behavioral changes that can significantly impact your overall well-being.

Another study conducted in 2020 by researchers at Dominican University found that affirmations not only increased self-esteem, but also led to improvements in overall well-being, stress reduction, and increased motivation to achieve personal goals.

In conclusion, while there’s an ongoing debate on whether affirmations are effective or not, recent studies seem to suggest that it’s leaning towards the former motion. So why not try incorporating positive affirmations into your daily routine and see how they can positively impact your life?

Hi, I'm Pamela, the face of Hustle Less & Live More!

Hi, I'm Pamela, the face of Hustle Less & Live More!

I have trained and coached hundreds of people on personal development all over the globe – from Jamaica, the USA, to hosting workshops while being on a ship on the Atlantic ocean, all the way to Uganda, Austria, Ghana, the UAE, Pakistan, Singapore, and many more.

I am a go-getter, dream achiever, a true role model for behavior change, and I'm here to help you become the same.

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