About Hustle Less & Live More

Established in 2022.

Existing forever.

75% of Marketing Managers are burnt out. And, 80% report being either understaffed or completely overworked.

If you’re reading this, the chances are high that you’re one of them. Daily stress and anxiety about performance have become the new norm. Guilt about not doing and being enough is a constant companion. So much, that a life without it barely seems possible or even ‘ok’. It’s almost uncool to tell others if you caught enough sleep at least once a week. They might be looking at you as if you’re not hustling hard enough and putting in the right amount of work to ‘succeed in life’. Overall, they say: no pain no gain. 

But, do you really have to feel overworked to succeed? What IF there is another way?


Our signature program Hustle Less & Live More provides Marketing Managers with bite-sized, science-based tools to achieve lasting behavior change and happiness in the professional and personal life.


To help Marketing Managers all over the world end chronic burnout and overcome trauma-based hurdles, so that they can live more and hustle less.


About Pamela Wagner

Here against all odds. Someone, who should have been statistically depressed, traumatized, and a life’s fauilure. But, instead, Pamela turned into a go-getter, dream achiever, and a true role model for behavior change. 

Pamela has trained and coached hundreds of people on personal development all over the globe – from Jamaica, the USA, to hosting workshops while being on a ship on the Atlantic ocean, all the way to Uganda, Austria, Ghana, the UAE, Pakistan, Singapore, and many more. 

Her personal story of overcoming childhood trauma and successfully mastering behavior change makes her teachings not just powerful but authentic – she  has lived many peoples’ stories all over the world. With that, she is in a unique postion to help you overcome your own trauma successfully. With her guidance, people transform experiences of deep pain into their biggest power yet!

In 2022, Pamela graduated with a Master’s in Liberal Arts (Psychology) from Harvard. She’s been honored on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and received several other awards. Being a world traveler (95 countries and counting), she’s endlessly fascinated by the depth of the human mind and soul.

Women taking in the sun while standing on the beach.

This is for everybody who knows that life is up to them.

Who knows that their fate is in their own hands.

People who accept radical responsibility and know that any change is up to them.

We work exclusively with action-takers and go-getters. Those who do not accept excuses and are relentless ‘doers’.

Hustle Less & Live More was created to bring you simple, (for others often) invisible and science-backed action steps. So that you can train your brain for success and high performance without succumbing to the ‘hustle hard’ story.

Because: what you won’t remember on your death bed are the hours you sat in front of your laptop, but the times when you hiked that mountain with your son, when you went for a holiday in the Maldives with your loved one, or when you randomly went to your grandma’s for lunch and had the most memorable conversation ever.

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